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Financial Reporting


As your go-to CFO service, CFOTOGO provides outsourced financial reporting for small to medium-sized businesses. We take pride in delivering accurate and timely results; whether you require monthly reporting, or an outsourced finance executive to plug the gap between your bookkeepers and tax accountant, Our extensive experience and knowledge ensure a smooth and efficient process that saves you time and preventable costs – so you can focus better on the core areas of your business.


Our full range of accounting and financial reporting services are tailored to assist clients who face resource constraints that affect their capacity to meet their interim, annual, group, or other financial reporting requirements. We have you covered every step of the way for the preparation of any financial reports you may need.

Additionally, we offer flexibility to best suit your needs to include but not limited to these examples of further support:

  • Stepping in as an effective monitor to accelerate the catch-up progress when your accounting is behind schedule. 
  • Provision of clean accountants to the tax accountant for the preparation of your tax accounts.
  • Transition to new accounting systems. CFOTOGO is owned and run by a certified consultant for MYOB who is adept at Xero accounting software and his in-depth understanding of financial reporting challenges speaks through 15+ years of proven practices.


Your business’ financial health is a priority and here at CFOTOGO, we support our clients by enabling their companies to make the most informed decisions based on current and accurate financial information at their fingertips.

The significant value of having the right data and metrics extend beyond having the confidence that your business is current and compliant – it gives you clarity on your profitability and allows you to turn the information into actionable insights that will help your company grow and prosper.


As well as providing you with the accounting and reporting support you need, we’re here to help you analyse and understand your data so you can gain the best control of your company’s finances by focusing on the right metrics. 

We understand the importance of deadlines as well as the pressure and complications that come with the process of producing financial statements, especially for an under-resourced team. Get in touch with us today to find out how our financial reporting services can support your business needs.