There are two types of #entrepreneurs, one is self-employed and the other one is the #business owner.

Now you might be wondering what is the difference between these two and which one is better.

Self-employed people always focus on working in the business instead of working on the business, they spend a major portion of their time while working on client assignments. They hesitate to #delegate tasks to their team members and end up doing everything.

Business owners are very smart, they realize that their time is very important and it should only be spent on important things. They delegate client assignments and projects to their team. They always focus on getting new clients and growing their relationship with the existing clients.

Moving from self-employed to a business owner is very challenging and requires a lot of courage and experience.

Now the question is how self-employed people can move up the ladder and become a business owner. The key here is to master the skill of delegation and #team building.

Do you delegate the work or try to do everything yourself?